Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Route 66 Graduation Party Frock -- Part One

Yes, I am in the midst of making a graduation present for my dear friend, Katie of Beautifully Pure. She loves the whole idea of route 66 and old cool cars. So when I found this fabric I knew what she'd be getting as her graduation present from me.

Stay tuned to see pictures of the finished dress in part two!


Monday, March 19, 2012

DIY: Pennant Flag Banner -- Mini Size

Last Saturday My sister and I went to the thrift store, and I found this pretty floral craft ribbon. It was 49 cents so I bought it, knowing I'd use it for something. And that's when I decided to make a miniature pennant flag banner to go across my vanity mirror. 

It was super simple to make. All I did was cut the ribbon into triangles, sandwiched the triangles in between a narrow strip of bias tape, and sewed them on. Simple, right?


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pretty Things -- Why I Love Long Hair

I am going to begin a new series called Pretty Things and post beauty related things such as hair care, skin care, hair tutorials, and anything that takes my fancy. Today, however, I will tell you a bit why I love long hair and why I am growing mine long.

(My hair is middle back length and I am aiming for waist by next Spring.)

Eight Facts -- Why I Love Growing My Hair Long.

1. I feel pretty when it is down.

2. I love playing with it.

3. It is versatile, it can look casual or elegant.

4. I love when it tickles my arms and back. 

5. I love tipping my head down and letting it fall in front of my face when I comb it. <3

6. I love learning more about how intricately hair is designed, and I can't help but admire God's creation even more. 

7. I love my natural highlights, and how they show up when it is braided.

8. I love oiling my hair -- it feels so soft afterwards!


Friday, March 9, 2012

Domestic Delights

There are few things in this world that smell quite as scrumptious as freshly baked bread. Especially when you are the one who put the work into making it. And there are few things that taste quiet as good as a warm slice of fresh baked bread with butter spread on top and a cup of spicy cinnamon tea on the side.

This has been one of those lovely days when everything seams so nice and pleasant. The sun was shining, I vacuumed and cleaned the house, baked bread, sewed, and tonight I'll be watching a movie with my sister.  How much better can you get?   

Apple Picking Dress

It all started with my keys, or more appropriately, the car alarm.  Anna and I drove to the park to get some photos before the sun got too low in the sky. When we got there, I locked the car door while we were still inside the car and somehow something got bumped because when Anna opened her door, the car alarm went off. This happened three times in a row.

"The car won't let us out," I exclaimed half joking, as I fished for my keys, which had slipped to the bottom of my purse, the horn still blaring.

Three times must have been the charm for on our next attempt to open the door there was sweet silence. When we finally managed to climb out of the car, it was so windy that even in my long dress, my skirt would refuse to stay decent and down. We had to go back home and come back another day when the wind wasn't so fierce.

We did get pictures in our backyard though, before it got too late.  The dress I am wearing was from the thrift store. It was just too pretty, and fun to wear for photo shoots and such, not to buy it. 


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sisters, Sisters, There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters

On Saturday, for Anna's sweet sixteen, my sisters and I went to get our pictures professionally done. We had a blast there, talking and laughing with the two lovely ladies doing our pictures. We were going for a vintage look, and so we brought a few of my dresses, amid some other clothes. To my surprise, we all ended up wearing the three dresses I had made.

  Credit: Anna

Whenever I get together with both of my sisters we inevitably have a grand time.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Looking in Through My Window

The windows are open, my sheer curtains are blowing in the wind, the birds are noisy, the air is odorous of the sweet smell of soil and warmth. I am blessed to be alive and well on a day like this.